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High-rise buildings often require custom designed elevator for managing car arrangements with single, double, and super double deck solutions and lobby arrangements.


Dazen Elevators specializes in high-rise elevator technology and services. Our high-rise elevators are customized to complement building design while maintaining functionality.


These vertical transportation marvels are like magic carpets that whisk people and goods up and down tall buildings in the blink of an eye. Whether you’re headed to the top floor of an office building or the penthouse suite of a luxury hotel, high-rise elevators are the way to go. So, let’s dive in and learn more about these modern marvels!

Key Figures

Our high-rise elevators are an advanced technology to travel faster. It can cover greater distances and carry larger loads than conventional elevators. They can exceed 10m/s and travel over 1,500 feet. They are also designed to be more energy-efficient and can be programmed to travel directly to a specific floor without stopping at every intermediate floor.

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Single Deck

A single-deck elevator system has only one car operating in a shaft, serving all floors with no other cars in the same shaft.


Our Single Deck High rise elevator offers immense flexibility in terms of building height and capacity. With the ability to ascend at speeds of up to 10 m/s. These features make it an optimal option for the tallest and most bustling skyscrapers.

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Double Deck

A double-deck elevator is an elevator with two separate compartments that can move independently within a single shaft. It’s often used in tall buildings with many floors to increase elevator capacity.

Optimize your building’s central infrastructure with the Double Deck elevator system that efficiently handles a double passenger load in a fraction of the time. The Double Deck also boasts a 40% reduction in required elevator core space – a crucial benefit in locations where property is scarce.


Super Double Deck

A super double-deck elevator system is a type of elevator that has two vertically stacked cars in a single hoistway, allowing for greater passenger capacity and more efficient use of building space.


The Super Double Deck elevator is an extremely flexible elevator that can handle high-rise buildings with varying floor heights. It is as fast as the Double Deck elevator, making it ideal for busy areas with heavy passenger traffic. With this elevator, architects can enjoy greater design freedom.

Key Features


High-rise elevators are known for their fast speed, which is necessary to transport people quickly to the upper floors of tall buildings. Our high-rise elevators are fast, and efficient, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Safety Features

High-rise elevators have safety features like emergency stop buttons, fire safety systems, and automatic brakes. Our elevator magnetic sensor ensures safe car door operation without traditional edges that could cause harm.

Energy Efficiency

High-rise elevators are energy-efficient, with regenerative braking, LED lighting, and low-energy motors. Our elevators use advanced technology for high efficiency, energy savings, and long design life, with a Rohs-compliant VVVF inverter control system that produces low noise and highly suppressed power supply harmonics.

High-Rise Elevator Cases

We have exported to more than 50 countries. Powerful service internet and install team makes us build relationships with customers who come from European, Middle East, South America, South East Asia.

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