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China Elevator and Escalator Dazen is a China elevator and escalator manufacturer since 2014. Our product series which includes passenger elevator, panoramic elevator, home elevators,

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About us

About Dazen Elevator Brand Story DAZEN Elevator was founded in 2014, base on elevator industry area in Suzhou, China. Specially on OEM & ODM Manufacturing

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Escalator & Moving Walkway: What’s The Differences?

With the rapid development of society, escalators and moving walkways have been widely used in shopping malls, airports, train stations, and other crowded places. These two may look similar, but they are different from each other. Let’s look at what are the differences and similarities between escalators and moving walkways, and in which places they are mainly used.

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Construction Company

The Best Partner For Construction Company With Key point for mission and vision, Dazen is not only come a best producer for elevator and escalator. but

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